10 Everyday Things That Can Absolutely Save Lives

baking soda (Sodium bicarbonate) on a wooden spoon

When we think of life-saving activities, we tend to visualize the most fantastic of situations – carrying someone to safety in a movie-style jungle adventure, becoming stranded on a mountain top with just your survival kit for help, or undergoing a state-of-the-art laboratory testing procedure for treatment. But you’d be surprised to know how the most simple of items and ideas can save millions – yes, millions – of lives. Check out these ten surprisingly simple everyday items that can definitely save lives. Scroll down to find out more about it.

10 Items That Can Surprisingly Save Lives

It never hurts to be careful all the time. We only live once so the best thing we can do is to be cautious about our surroundings and have necessary things that can save lives especially when an emergency situation arises. We can always depend on our safety kit and that is also the reason why here in Survival Life, we always recommend to bring your kit particularly when you’re out in the woods. But we also have to anticipate that there will episodes that our safety kit is unavailable and a trip to the emergency room or to a physician is out of the question. On that note, we’ve come up with a list of everyday items that will save lives in perilous circumstances. Read on and be informed to stay safe.

1. Your Flashlight App

Your Flashlight App | 10 Everyday Things That Can Absolutely Save Lives
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While the perfect selfie has never been as important as it is today, your cell phone is capable of doing a lot more than just giving you the perfect selfie – it has the potential to save your life. You can use it as a signaling device and call for rescue especially when you’re out in the wild. Use the flashlight app on your phone as a beacon so that rescuers will have an idea of your location and can save you as fast as they could. Speaking of things inside your pocket, this tactical pen is also a lifesaver. Shop for it here.

2. Super Glue

Super Glue | 10 Everyday Things That Can Absolutely Save Lives
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If you ever acquire a superficial wound that needs stitching but there are no medical staff available or you don’t have the knowledge to sew open wounds then a super glue will come handy. Super glue acts as an emergency suture that immediately binds minor laceration that could lead ton infection.

3. Chewing Gum

Chewing Gum | 10 Everyday Things That Can Absolutely Save Lives
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A good plain chewing gum cannot substitute a roasted turkey for dinner but it can help you survive in an emergency situation. Chewing a gum suppresses your hunger thereby preserving food particularly if it’s limited. It can also help in saliva production which is vital for health. Saliva contains various substances that are significant for digestion and dental health.

4. Gun Powder

Gun Powder | 10 Everyday Things That Can Absolutely Save Lives
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Have you ever seen the movie, Rambo? John Rambo breaks apart several bullets and pours gunpowder in his wound then light it up. It will unquestionably give you an excruciating pain but it can sterilize and cauterize the wound. It may not be the best solution in situations like this but it is definitely a good option when medical assistance is out of the picture.

5. Plastic Wrap

Plastic Wrap | 10 Everyday Things That Can Absolutely Save Lives
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Plastic wrappers are not only great for packing or preserving food but there are also beneficial in a survival situation. It can help you stay warm and dry, you can use it to collect water, and it can also cover your wound so it won’t get infected.

6. Trash Bags

Trash Bags | 10 Everyday Things That Can Absolutely Save Lives
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Just like the plastic wrappers, trash bags has also a lot of uses other than being a waste storage. It can be a great waterproof rain cover that can also add insulation when trapped in a bad and cold weather. They can also serve as a reliable shelter, a catch basin for water, a ground cover, trail marker and a whole lot more when you’re out in the woods.

7. Vinegar

Vinegar | 10 Everyday Things That Can Absolutely Save Lives
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Other than making your food taste better, vinegar can also be a life-saver. It is a clever antibacterial that can treat skin burns, inflammation, and infections. It also sanitizes and can mask an odorous smell. You can also mix a small amount into a cup of water to soothe an upset stomach. Vinegar can remove parasites that may be present in water and uncooked meat which you might consume unnoticed.

8. Sanitary Pads

Sanitary Pads | 10 Everyday Things That Can Absolutely Save Lives
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Sanitary pads originated from the 19th-century battlefield hospital to treat bullet wounds. They are excellent in pressure dressings. So in the event when medical facilities are unavailable, self-treatment of bleeding wounds is a must and sanitary pads play a major role. Its wadding can also make a good tinder to start a fire.

9. Condoms

Condoms | 10 Everyday Things That Can Absolutely Save Lives
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Other than the obvious, condoms do have several uses. It can be a water storage or it can also protect your gears such as walkie talkies against water. They are also used to cover a rifle muzzle to prevent debris from entering and obstructing the barrel. They can also be a great tourniquet that you can use in an emergency situation.

10. Baking Soda

Baking Soda | 10 Everyday Things That Can Absolutely Save Lives
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Baking soda is one of the most effective upset stomach relievers. And if you think water is the best option for extinguishing a fire then you are wrong my friend. Water can make the flames bigger. The immediate solution for cooking fire is baking soda and it is handy when the fire department wouldn’t be able to respond instantly. So it is always best to have baking soda readily available in our home.

Check out this video for more life-saving hacks in a catastrophe!

Everyday items included in this list can unmistakably save lives. Having them around is very convenient especially in an emergency situation where medical aid is not available. Arm yourselves with knowledge in survival and with a little bit of resourcefulness you can come out alive from a life-threatening situation. Penny for your thoughts? Tell us what you think about this list by dropping your two cents in the comments below.

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