5 Sneaky Survival Snare Traps to Keep You Alive

Looking for survival snare traps? When SHTF, your supplies will only get you so far. So what do you do when your stockpile is dwindling? Mother Nature always has an answer. Knowing how to make these simple, yet dangerous, survival snare traps using your resources can keep you alive in an emergency situation. It’s easier said than done so you gotta do your homework before anything else. If you don’t, you’ll end up with zero catch and the chance of failure is greater. Your ultimate guide is below…

Watch this video on how to make a paiute deadfall trap.

The Ultimate Guide To Survival Snare Traps

Figuring out how to successfully use survival snare trips can be a bit tricky. You don’t want to jeopardize your chances at survival by being underprepared. Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of snare traps from survival expert Bobby Akart:

Snare Trap Location

By setting up a number of well-placed traps, you save yourself a lot of energy. As with most hunting strategies, it is best to set up your trap line at a bit of a distance from your bug out location. Should an extended perimeter from your bug out location become too dangerous, you will not have exhausted the game in the immediate area. Look for places that are near:

  • known game trails and runs
  • known watering holes and feeding sites
  • animal trackings and droppings
  • chewed vegetation
  • nesting sites and den holes

Snare Trap Types

Hunting uses up valuable calories, something that you simply can’t afford to lose. For that reason, you need to know how to build a wide range of hunting traps. There are hundreds of different variations of survival traps and snares that you can use to procure wild game. At their most basic, they are designed to choke, crush, hang, or entangle wild animals, and are an important skill to know for anyone who spends any amount of time in the wilderness.

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Snare Trap Basics

The best thing to know about trapping for preppers is the best survival traps are usually very simple to make and can usually be made with natural materials if you know what you’re doing. That means to be effective, you need to practice these skills before you find yourself in a situation where your life depends on them.

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Check out these sneaky survival snare traps:

  • Tension Trap
  • Survival Spear
  • Bow Trap
  • Drowning Snare
  • Apache Foot Trap

1. Tension Trap

Tension Trap | 5 Sneaky Survival Snare Traps to Keep You Alive
Image via Clan Gunn Bushcraft

This spring loaded survival snare trap is pretty dangerous for humans and animals alike. The choice of wood is important because the trap has to impale the animal (or intruder) so that they cannot escape.

2. Survival Spear

Survival Spear | 5 Sneaky Survival Snare Traps to Keep You Alive
Image via realitysurvival

I would not want to be caught on the other end of this guy. Although typically used as a fishing spear, you can also rig this into a nasty survival snare trap. Check out Reality Survival for full instructions on how to make this survival spear.

3. Bow Trap

Bow Trap | 5 Sneaky Survival Snare Traps to Keep You Alive
Image via water-and-woods

A bow trap is one of the deadliest survival snare traps, both for man as well as animal. To construct this trap, build a bow and anchor it to the ground with pegs. Adjust the aiming point as you anchor the bow. Lash a toggle stick to the trigger stick. Two upright sticks driven into the ground hold the trigger stick in place at a point where the toggle stick will engage the pulled bow string. Place a catch stick between the toggle stick and a stake driven into the ground. Tie a trip wire or cordage to the catch stick and route it around stakes and across the game trail where you tie it off. When the prey trips the trip wire, the bow looses an arrow into it. A notch in the bow serves to help aim the arrow.

4. Drowning Snare

Drowning Snare | 5 Sneaky Survival Snare Traps to Keep You Alive
Image via outdoorlife

This simple survival snare trap can put a critter or intruder out of misery faster than other traps. The drowning snare requires a snare line with a noose, a heavy rock, a float stick and a stick to prop up the rock in a precarious position.

5. Apache Foot Trap

Apache Foot Trap | 5 Sneaky Survival Snare Traps to Keep You Alive
Image via wefollowpics

How this survival snare trap works is that the animal’s foot gets caught in the slipknot. No matter how the animal battles to get loose, the knot will only tighten it’s grip on the leg. Click here for video instructions in making an apache foot trap.

Snare Trap Field Guides

Don’t forget to be very cautious with these survival snare traps, and use them only in a survival situation. Snare traps aren’t just useful in keeping your property safe from critters and intruders. In a survival situation, traps like these might be all that stands between you and starvation. That’s why you need to know how to “Trap For Your Life.” For more information on snare traps and how and when to use them, check out the following:

  • Mammal Tracks & Sign: A Guide to North American Species: This guide shares all you need to know about tracking mammals to find the best location for your snare traps. From anecdotes to track and trail illustrations, you’ll be prepared to head out on your own to track mammals in North America.

Click here for survival hacks using household items.

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