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Homemade weapons and survival gear are essential in a dangerous world. So, we decided to create another post with even more badass survival weapons than the previous one. Use these weapons to protect yourself and your family from crooks who try to take advantage of your peace. The world can be dangerously unpredictable at times so you gotta have some sort of protection. Check out the list below to see our top picks.

7 REALLY Badass Homemade Weapons To Add To Your Arsenal

If you haven’t already, check out our first post, 7 Badass Weapons You Can Make At Home. In the same spirit as our first post, we wanted to share 7 more seriously badass weapons you can make at home. These weapons can be of use, but mainly they are just fun to make and for entertainment. If the situation calls for it though, it’s going to be a day that criminals will remember you by.

Check out this list of REALLY badass homemade weapons:

  • The War Hammer
  • Saw Blade Tomahawk
  • Flamethrower
  • Trebuchet
  • Homemade Landmine
  • Death Ray
  • Pipe Gun

1. The War Hammer

The War Hammer | 7 REALLY Badass Weapons You Can Make At Home | homemade weapons
Image via zombease

Other war hammer designs may be a bit more difficult to make because they require you to weld, drill and file. This is one of the easier homemade weapons, and you need nothing more than a black pipe. It’s a simple design, and the name says it all. Don’t underestimate the power of the war hammer! Click here for the war hammer video instructions.

2. Saw Blade Tomahawk

Saw Blade Tomahawk | The Benefits of Rock Climbing Are Awesome. Here's Why. | homemade weapons
Image via Ian Ingram

As you can probably tell already, this is one of the most unique homemade weapons. The name leaves little to the imagination when it comes to what this thing is made to do. Almost completely made with a couple of pieces of wood, this saw blade Tomahawk is inexpensive to make if you have the right equipment. Check out this video to see how it is used.

3. Flame Thrower

Flame Thrower | 7 REALLY Badass Weapons You Can Make At Home | homemade weapons
Image via deviantart

This particular flame thrower is made to fit in a normal backpack, keeping your arms and hands free for throwing flames while you use it! With an air compressor, a diesel nozzle, a fuel tank, some hose, and some fittings, you’ll have a flame thrower capable of running off of tiki torch fuel. Click here for our step-by-step instructions! We recommend grabbing this one from Amazon.

4. Trebuchet

Trebuchet | 7 REALLY Badass Weapons You Can Make At Home | homemade weapons
Image via tech-wanderings

This classic weapon is brought to another level with this DIY. This giant trebuchet has an equally giant amount of power, making this catapult seriously badass. Click here for video instructions on this trebuchet DIY project.

5. Homemade Landmine

Homemade Landmine | 7 REALLY Badass Weapons You Can Make At Home | homemade weapons
Image via serama555’s channel

Who knew a lunchbox could become a weapon? This DIY uses airsoft pellets, but you could use whatever you want!  Click here for instructions in making this homemade landmine.

6. Death Ray

Death Ray | 7 REALLY Badass Weapons You Can Make At Home | homemade weapons
Image via CNET

Have an old television around? You can turn it into something way cooler than it’s former, dated identity with a few steps. With some simple disassembling, you can have 2000 degrees of heat to use for cooking, water sanitation, or to just burn things. Read up on how to use the screen of an old TV as a giant death ray! Find our step-by-step instructions here!

7. Pipe Gun

Pipe Gun | 7 REALLY Badass Weapons You Can Make At Home | homemade weapons
Image via Chad Person

This is another one of the classic homemade weapons with it’s own twist. Here’s a video to help you create your own pipe gun.


Watch this video of a homemade .22 caliber pistol.

What do you think of these homemade weapons?  These are fine for home protection but you have to be extra careful in making these especially when testing if they work or if they’re effective.  Remember that these weapons are still dangerous.  You don’t want to be placed in a situation that you don’t want to be in.

Click here for homemade weapons to awaken your inner caveman.

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Feature Image Via – deviantart

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