This page is taken from the book “Grandfather” by Tom Brown Jr.
See also Grandfather Stalking Wolf. Emphasis (bolding) is added by me.

As far as the white man was concerned, nature was put there for
his use and abuse.

Land, water, animals, or plants did not matter.
He fulfilled only his own needs with no thought to future generations
or nature in general. Survival to the white man was a struggle between
himself and nature. He felt that he was above the laws of creation
and had dominion over the land. This survival destroyed the earth
then and still continues into the future. The white man’s legacy
has been adopted now by the global society, a society of people that
kills its grandchildren to feed its children.

Grandfather was beginning now to understand what Coyote Thunder
meant by man’s purpose for he could see the splendid results in this
strong and healthy forest. Without waiting for Grandfather to ask
any more questions, Coyote Thunder continued, saying, "The problem
is that the white man does not understand this balance and harmony.
White man
takes but never gives back. He is not a caretaker, but
a disease that destroys the earth. White man does not know his purpose
on the earth and thus is lost and searching for himself. "

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