Doctors Weigh In On Phone Brain Cancer Links

By Stephen King.

Stephen King: Increasingly doctors worldwide are reporting their findings
that cell phones are a legitimate threat to human health. The following doctors are joining the already long
list of the medical community who want the public and safety organizations to recognize the problems and learn
more about preventive methods people can practice. Dr. Charles Teo, Neurosurgeon in Australia, co-authored a
peer reviewed research paper with Dr. Vini Khurana where they said they are very concerned with the link of
cell phones and brain tumors.

Dr. Teo says: “If the question is do I believe that mobile phones can cause brain cancer? The answer is yes, I do.”
Teo also gives this warning: “I’m incredibly worried, concerned, depressed at the number of kids I’m seeing coming in
with brain tumors. Just in the last three or four weeks I’ve seen nearly half a dozen kids with tumors which really
should have been benign and they’ve all been nasty, malignant brain tumors. We are doing something terribly wrong.”

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