How This Democrat Turned Prepper | The Road from Liberal to Survivalist


Learn how this Democrat turned prepper with just a little info about the new state of our country. The new realities that have come with the changes in our country will reach our corners of the world faster than you think.

How This Democrat Turned Prepper

My name is Edward… and I’m a democrat. Well, I was.

Now I’m just pretty sure the world is going to end.

So how did I go from marching for gun control to now owning a shotgun, a Smith & Wesson M&P .40 pistol, and an entire garage full of survival gear and dehydrated food?


At first, when the Donald announced his candidacy for president, I thought it was a joke. But I’m not laughing now. The very first thing Trump did as the 45th President of the United States was to revamp the “Issues” section of the White House’s website.

What did he take out?

Just ALL civil rights issues. Oh. And climate change. Apparently global warming isn’t real. Which I guess would explain the record high temperatures all over the country this winter.

LGBTQ rights? Gone.

Civil rights? Gone.

But President Trump (shudder) did add his “America First Energy Plan.” I can’t believe this is a thing. This puts Americans last. It’s pathetic. The man already repealed the Waters of the U.S. Rule and he’s only been in office a few days. That “rule” is there because if we drill under those waterways we risk contaminating the waterways, which would contaminate the fish we eat, thereby contaminating us.

Trump How This Democrat Turned Prepper | The Road from Liberal to Survivalist

I’ll stick to my dehydrated food when things go south, thanks.

The man is literally removing restrictions to protect the only un-ruined land in the country.

For oil. Freakin’ oil.

Like we need it. Oil is cheaper now than it’s been in years. But hey, at least it frees us from foreign influence, right? It’s not like the Saudis and the Chinese don’t already own huge chunks of U.S. debt or anything.

Oh wait. They do. And all it takes is for these “enemies” to call in that debt and this country falls to pieces. But, you know, that would never happen unless some high level American embarrassed said countries on an international stage and then refused to apologize. And we don’t have anyone in office that proud, or that stubborn, or that temperamental…..

Crap. Yeah, we’re screwed.

But it gets worse. He also signed his “Mexico City” executive order to defund Planned Parenthood.

And before you get all high and mighty on me, let me clarify – I am NOT pro-abortion. But I am pro-choice, because it’s not my body or my choice. And here’s the thing that scares me about that. In my experience, Republicans complain about abortion, but also complain about welfare and government assistance programs.

Do they not realize the two are related?!?

Teenage pregnancy rates (not abortion rates, but teen pregnancy) are lower than they’ve been in decades. And now, with PP getting defunded, these lower income kids are gonna start making a lot more babies, milking welfare, and adding to the constant cycle of poverty in this country. Well, as the population explodes and people start fighting over food, I’m gonna be sitting comfortably in my shelter saying “I told you so.”

And all this is within his first days of being in office.

So yeah, I’m taking precautions.


Fortunately, I saw this crap coming and started actually paying attention to my survivalist cousin (who I used to think was batshit crazy). So what have I learned up until now? Hell, there’s no end to what I need to know. But basically, it’s the opposite of Trump’s policies.

He says “yay oil!” because it weans us off foreign influence, but I’m already outfitting an off-the-grid property with solar panels and a shelter.

He says “screw the rest of the world” and wants to build up the military even more. You don’t think that sounds like a war brewing?

And this is only in the first week. Imagine what happens in a month. Or a year. Or four years. If we make it that far….

So I’ve learned to stock up. And I’m already well on my way. I’ve got MREs. I’ve got dehydrated meals all over the place. My guns are ready. I’ve got my bug out bag ready to go.

How This Democrat Turned Prepper | The Road from Liberal to Survivalist food storage

Now I’m spending my weekends camping. I’m at the gun range. I’m hunting. I’ve even got plans to start my own farm in the near future.

You think just because the stock market is doing okay that things aren’t gonna crash?

Newsflash: Trump’s threats of tariffs are just gonna piss off other countries and make them stop trading with us, leading to a huge recession. And all those jobs he’s promising in manufacturing? Yeah those companies are gonna be stuck with a huge surplus of goods no one wants.

Then come the layoffs.

Fear and hunger lead people to do some really stupid things. I mean, is there anything you wouldn’t do to feed and protect your family?

Think about that as you consider the consequences of every action our new Tyrant-In-Chief takes. Ask yourself if these decisions are really good for this country or just good for Trump and cronies?

Let’s just recap really quickly. Within 72 hours of being President, Trump:

  • Removes civil rights from the White House’s issues
  • Dismisses global warming and signs off on drilling our only unpolluted land for oil
  • Pisses off most of the world with trade war threats
  • Defunds Planned Parenthood, possibly single handedly causing a population spike and welfare crisis

I’m not taking any chances. I’m paying attention and I’m terrified.

So I’m taking precautions to prepare myself and my family. I’m learning to protect myself, defend myself, and thrive while everyone else tries to survive.

survival supplies for a group How This Democrat Turned Prepper | The Road from Liberal to Survivalist

I may have been a Democrat a couple months ago, but now I’m a realist. And the reality is that this country is about to go up in flames. You may think I just need a “safe space” to go and have a good cry because big bad Trump said some mean things, but I promise you that in the next two years, we’ll ALL need a safe space.

And there won’t be many.

But I’ll be in mine, and if you’re reading this, then I really hope you see the big picture and start preparing yourself and your family for what comes next.

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