Is This One of the Most Dangerous Places on Earth?

hospital secrets

When you think of dangerous environments that are a threat to your survival, the hospital is probably on of the last places that comes to mind.

After all, the hospital is where you go to get better…right?

As a prepper, you should already know that you can never let your guard down, even in a place that’s supposedly safe. The hospital is no different. Knowing the risks and dangers is the first step to ensuring your survival.

Here are a few things to keep in mind during your next hospital stay.

5 Hospital Secrets You Need to Know


You may have been told that your records are confidential between you and your doctor, but that’s not exactly true. Your records may be seen by other doctors, specialists, insurers, care providers, billing companies and pharmacy benefit managers.


Some hospitals have up to 12 patients per nurse. This means that you may be waiting a while after pressing the call button. Some patients have waited up to 18 minutes for a response.


A Johns Hopkins study found that hospitals hide medicinal mix-ups from patients 98% of the time.


July is the month when medical students graduate and begin their residencies. As a result, it is the most dangerous month to visit the hospital, as deaths due to hospital errors spike by 10%.


Have you ever searched your symptoms on Google or WebMD? Turns out your doctor is doing the same. There are so many things that can go wrong with our bodies, no doctor can remember all of them. Doctors used to rely on medical books to fill in the gaps; now, they’re turning to online resources more and more.

Do you have a hospital horror story to share? Do you have any of your own hospital safety tips? Sound off in the comments below!

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