This page is taken from the chapter “Jesus” of the book “The Quest” by Tom Brown, Jr.

After living with Grandfather and his teaching for a few years I thought I had an idea of most of the things he
knew of. That was until he began to talk about Jesus.

Granted, Grandfather was a man who had wandered for nearly sixty-three years of his life and had been many places
and learned many things. But when he began to quote passages of the Bible, I was so shocked that I couldn’t speak, so I just listened.

I thought I knew quite a bit about the Bible, for I went to Church most Sundays with my parents. A good part of my
upbringing revolved around Bible teachings, at least at home. Hearing the Bible and the life of Christ interpreted
by Grandfather in such a simple, pure, and profound way made sense for the first time. Though he talked of Christ
many times, the first time was the most complete and powerful, and I will never forget even the smallest detail.

The event changed my life and the perceptions I had about the Bible and Jesus…..

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