Mobile Phone Radiation — Urban Survival

How The Speakerphone Could Save Your Life

There is a great amount of research that has demonstrated the harmful effects of different types of
electromagnetic radiation on the human body as a cause of cancer and many other diseases.

Personally I consider, by far, the biggest threat posed by electromagnetic radiation to the average
modern person is mobile phone radiation.

If you are old enough to remember the 1980s, before there were mobile phones, there was a new type of
consumer device that went from almost unknown to almost ubiquitous during this decade — the microwave oven.
Back in those days, and even into the 1990s, people were told continually by the experts of the risks of
radiation leaking out of microwave ovens. You could even buy (and can probably still buy) leak detectors to
determine if any of the metal radiation shielding built into the oven had failed and if any of the radiation was leaking out.

The thing is, mobile phone (cell phone) radiation is essentially exactly the same type of radiation as microwave
oven radiation. The only difference is that the mobile phone radiation is many times less powerful, and it contains a
very subtle change that allows the phone call information to be added on top of the pure “carrier” signal, and the
phone transmitter is located right next to your brain rather than several feet away completely surrounded by a metal box.

How do these different characteristics combine with each other? And what is the result in terms of the radiation
you absorb? Read on to find out…

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