Proof That God Exists

It is actually quite easy to prove that God exists, it can be done (and is done below) in just
a few paragraphs. This page outlines a simple proof that God exists. The proof is fairly minimal, and
intended for people who currently find it difficult or impossible to believe in God. It is not intended
to question or to challenge anyone’s existing beliefs. Rather, it is for people who do not already have
something that they believe in, so that they can perhaps become more open to this side of life.

A healthy
belief in God can be extremely helpful when entering a period of major life upheval, such as people will
experience when the upcoming global changes start to kick in. For many people, moving towards more of a
working concept of (and belief in) God is part of the whole process of reversing your thinking. This proof
that God exists can help you with the process.

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