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Off to a long-awaited journey? Never leave home without these travel safety tips so you can enjoy your trip to the fullest and come back with dear memories that will be ceaselessly enshrined.

Travel Safety Tips For A More Pleasurable Trip

There are times when you find yourself tired of your daily grind. Trapped within your office walls like a C4 waiting to explode. Boredom is obviously sinking in and you’re starting to drown in apathy. You definitely need a break. Go out of town or out of the country if you need to. You need to travel and free your mind from those clenching teeth of stress. And on that note, below are some travel safety tips that shouldn’t be disregarded. Scroll down to find out more about it.

“When the going gets tough, the tough gets going” — this old adage is definitely true. But there are times that the “tough” needs a break. Away from the confined space of your office and the stress along with it. Far from the noise of the city and into the sand of pristine beaches. Off to the wide open spaces of the countryside, feeling the cool breeze and away from the hassles of a traffic jam. Therefore, we need to travel. We need to go someplace else where we can be rejuvenated and free. But before we head to our favored destination, we need to be prepared. We’ve come up with some travel safety tips so you can enjoy your trip in a secured manner. Check it out and learn each one of them for it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


Get travel insurance

Get travel insurance | Safe And Sound | Travel Safety Tips You Shouldn't Ignore
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Getting a travel insurance is advantageous for it covers your medical expenses, lost luggage, cancellation of your trip, flight accident and reduces the risk of unfortunate and unexpected events you may incur while you’re traveling. Travel insurance can give you peace of mind and can save you big bucks in the long run.


Don’t flaunt your cash and valuables

Don't flaunt your cash and valuables | Safe And Sound | Travel Safety Tips You Shouldn't Ignore
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During your travel, separate cash for spending and keep it where you can get it easily and the rest is hidden so in this way you are not flaunting a big bundle of money every time you have to pay for something. We all know that sometimes we cannot help but to take pictures of our trip. But while we’re capturing the picturesque sceneries, we also need to be cognizant of the place and the people that surround us. These thieves can strike as fast as lightning when they recognize an opportunity. Their eyes instantly glows when they see the color of money.


Secure your luggage

Secure your luggage | Safe And Sound | Travel Safety Tips You Shouldn't Ignore
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It is of paramount importance to keep the things that you carry safe and sound. Even if it doesn’t worth much you still have to take care of it because what seems of little value to you might be exceptionally tempting and valuable to others. Always acquire a reliable lock for your luggage. If your luggage is well-secured it will deter anyone from tampering or steal your stuff.


Dress inconspicuously

Dress inconspicuously | Safe And Sound | Travel Safety Tips You Shouldn't Ignore
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When you’re in an unfamiliar place, you have to blend-in or try not to stand out. Do some research as to what locals usually wear and dress accordingly. What might seem to be a standard clothing to you might be inappropriate to the locals. You will be less likely to be targeted by thieves if you dress inconspicuously.


Scan a copy of your passport and other travel documents

Scan a copy of your passport and other travel documents | Safe And Sound | Travel Safety Tips You Shouldn't Ignore
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Before you embark on your much-awaited journey, you have to photocopy or scan your passport and other travel documents and e-mail it to yourself or take a photo of it and save it on your cell phone. That way, in the event that you need to use it but you forgot it in your hotel room, you’ll have the access to all your details. And if it got stolen, getting a replacement would be much easier.


Keep an emergency car kit

Keep an emergency car kit | Safe And Sound | Travel Safety Tips You Shouldn't Ignore
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If you’re traveling by car, it is always smart to carry an emergency car kit in your car’s trunk. This kit should include a first aid kit, backup phone batteries, non-perishable food, water, flashlights, a shovel, reflective warning signs and whatnot. Some people might think that carrying this stuff is a waste but when you’re on a road trip, anything could happen. And when an emergency situation befalls, you will be glad you have this kit in your car’s trunk.


Check escape route in your hotel

Check escape route in your hotel | Safe And Sound | Travel Safety Tips You Shouldn't Ignore
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Let’s face it –whenever you’re in a hotel you are more focused on the amenities that the hotel can offer rather than studying the hotel map on the back of your door or in the hallway. Take a quick look at the emergency escape routes so you would know where to go in an emergency situation.


Stay alert

Stay alert | Safe And Sound | Travel Safety Tips You Shouldn't Ignore
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You have to be alert at all times. If you’re unfamiliar with the city, you have to be observant of your surroundings. Whenever you unwittingly wandered into a different area, or when you notice that there are no other tourists around, walk back to the direction you came without getting your map and head back to a more populated area. Don’t let other people distract you and always keep your valuable secure. There are instances that an innocent-looking child will approach you shoving a piece of paper in your face which is a diversion and an effort to catch you off guard and steal your wallet.


Download safety apps

Download safety apps | Safe And Sound | Travel Safety Tips You Shouldn't Ignore
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In this age of technological advancements, there are downloadable apps that you can get so your family and friends can be informed of your whereabouts and alert them when something went wrong especially if you’re wandering alone. Applications such as Uber, bSafe, and Drunk Mode are some of the must-have apps.


Know your country’s embassy information

Know your country's embassy information | Safe And Sound | Travel Safety Tips You Shouldn't Ignore
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Before you travel to other countries, you need to know your country’s embassy or consulate contact information. They provide safety info and trustworthy details about the country you’re visiting. And if an emergency arises, they can help you and keep you secured. If you’re living in the U.S. you can register your travel plans in the Smart Traveller Enrollment Program. This is a free service administered by the government to keep you updated on safety and security information. It can also help you stay in contact with your family in the event of an emergency.


Check out this video for more travel safety tips that will surely guide you on your next trip!

As I’m writing this article, a song keeps playing on my mind. Bob Marley said it best “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our mind”. We all need to feel free one way or another and to achieve that, we need a good break. We need to relax a little bit every now and then because the only way that we can see things more clearly if we are calm like a soft zephyr blowing. Turn those blizzards to a breeze and for sure you’ll come back a new version of you. Travel safely! Bon Voyage!

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