Surviving Christmas

Surviving Christmas - The Worst-case Scenario Survival Handbook: Christmas

This is a cool book that I bought cheap from a discount shop in Sydney a couple of years ago. (They are in an underground subway near the bus interchange between Central station and broadway if you want to look for it, but it was at least two years ago.)

It would make an ideal present to give to anyone who is into "survival", or for anyone who is into survival to give to anyone they know.

You can get it very cheap from Amazon.com (new from about $3), or in Australia you can get it from "The Nile" (which will arrive more quickly, presumably, for people who are in Australia).

This page is obviously a blatant attempt to make some money out of this website, but it is a cool book. I bought about six copies for very cheap and have been giving them to people who I can’t think of a better present for, or for who I think it would go down well as a second present. If the person you are giving it to thinks of you as a "survival freak" in any way at all then the joke will be all the greater.

In case it was not already clear, it is primarily a joke book, though it does have some tips that could genuinely help you — like how to keep a turkey from exploding, and the symptoms and first aid for mistletoe poisoning. There are also tips (e.g. how to drive out of a blizzard) that would be genuinely useful in countries where it is likely to snow at Christmas time (not like down here in Australia).

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