Tracking Animals – How To Read Animal Tracks

Learning to track is not only a useful wilderness living skill, and a way to
learn a lot more about nature and the wilderness — but it is also a great way to slow down, and adopt
more of a "wildernes

The signs animals leave on the ground can be more revealing than any book written by
man, but unfortunately few people are able to see these signs and fewer still can read them.

To understand something of the behaviour of animals one must realise that the development of their senses is markedly
different to mankind’s, and therefore where we obtain information through our eyes and ears, one animal may obtain
the same information through its sense of smell and another through its ability to detect temperature changes,
or through vibrations.

The most basic question of tracking is "What kind of animal made that track?". When you are starting out
learning how to track animals, it is a good idea to get a book or a list of what types of tracks are
made by what animals.

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