Updates to the page books.php#10bb on survival.org.au


Added the new page How to Read the Sky at Night: Practical Astronomy for Date, Time and Direction Finding. Added two new books (both really good): The Weed Forager’s Handbook and a newly republished version of Bushcraft by Richard Graves.

Changed the homepage video from Four Horsemen to Walking Softly with Koa. Walking Softly with Koa Thrive and survive in the Australian bush. For Koa his lifestyle is a quest for the kind of freedom a wallaby has, knowledge to provide for yourself in the Australian bush, drawing on a lifetime of living close to nature. Koa has copped some flak for inaccuracies with his plant edibility, however he has managed to survive and thrive for over 35 years of living off the land without needing money or entering a bank. Research any plants in depth before eating and enjoy the video!

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