Winter Survival | What To Do When The Heat Goes Out


As the winter months approach, it is essential to get your heater checked to ensure it is working properly. A malfunctioning system can have disastrous effects when temperatures plummet. Be prepared before the season’s change to prevent this from happening. If it does, here are some of the easiest things to do to stay safe, and keep your home safe as well. Scroll down and check out this winter survival list. Be informed to stay alive.

Winter Survival : How To Stay Warm When Your Heating System Broke Down

Winter is getting colder and colder every year. The inexorable consequences of global warming are unmistakable. And what is more adverse is when you have to live without heat in the middle of a winter storm. Without heat, surviving through winter season is unquestionably challenging. But you can still survive despite the cold predicament that you’re in. Preparedness is the answer. The key and your ticket way out of harm’s way especially when SHTF. With that being said, knowledge in winter survival is a must. No mortal man can stop the winter season from occurring but we can do something to prevent the harshness it may bring to us. Below is a list of tips that you can simply do before and during the winter. Follow each one of them to stay warm even when the heat goes out.


Before the worst of winter hits, get your home prepared for anything that could happen. There are a few things that should be done beforehand in case the bad gets worse and you are left without a heater.

Have your chimney inspected

Have your chimney inspected | Winter Survival | What To Do When The Heat Goes Out
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If you are planning on using your fireplace this is essential to prevent disastrous situations from occurring. Burning wood releases gasses that will cool and stick to the inside of the chimney, forming a flammable hazard. Take care of this before it becomes a threat.

Flip the switch on your ceiling fan

Flip the switch on your ceiling fan | Winter Survival | What To Do When The Heat Goes Out
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Although many people use their ceiling fan in the summer, most don’t realize the advantages of using it in the winter. Each fan should have a small switch on the side, moving the blades to turn in the opposite direction. This forces the warm air down, keeping the heat from escaping.

Check for cracks in your windows or doors

Check for cracks in your windows or doors | Winter Survival | What To Do When The Heat Goes Out
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These small cracks in the caulking or even in the window itself can cause you to lose warmth. Rather than allowing this to happen, check the windows before the worst of the cold hits. Repair the problem as soon as possible.

Have your furnace inspected

Have your furnace inspected | Winter Survival | What To Do When The Heat Goes Out
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There’s nothing worse than having your furnace go out in the dead of winter. Most repair companies are swamped with hundreds of others who are calling for the same issues. Rather than deal with it later, have it checked before the worst of winter hits!

Protect your pipes

Protect your pipes | Winter Survival | What To Do When The Heat Goes Out
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You need to inspect and protect your pipes. Although keeping your sink dripping may seem expensive, this will save you from bursting pipes because it allows the water to escape before pressure builds up. To prevent your pipes from freezing you need to insulate them, especially those that are exposed to the outside elements.

Even with all this, there are still chances your heater will go out. Be prepared to keep your home as safe from the elements during this time as possible.


If your heater goes out in the middle of winter, call for professional help immediately. Set up an appointment as soon as they can. But you can also protect your house before they get there by:

Close What You Need To Close

Close What You Need To Close | Winter Survival | What To Do When The Heat Goes Out
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  • Closing all your windows, including storm doors. Only open them during the day if the outside temperature is higher than the inside.
  • Keep the curtains closed, only opening them when the sun is shining directly in the window.
  • Close off any rooms you aren’t using to stop the air from circulating, losing heat.

Use Rugs

Use Rugs | Winter Survival | What To Do When The Heat Goes Out
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If you have hardwood floors, put down a rug to keep heat. Rugs are efficient for blocking out cold. Wool rugs make awesome insulation but they are difficult to clean and they can be very expensive. Cotton and nylon rugs are the perfect alternatives and they are more affordable.

Use candles

Use candles | Winter Survival | What To Do When The Heat Goes Out
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Not only they can give light but they can also produce more heat than you realize. Just make sure they are safely placed and are blown out when somebody leaves the house. You can also get this emergency firestarter right HERE! Use NCSAVE10 to get discounts.

Incandescent Lights

Incandescent Lights | Winter Survival | What To Do When The Heat Goes Out
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Incandescent lights give off more heat than light. Turn on as many of these around where you want to keep warm as possible. It may not be cost-efficient but it will surely make the temperature rise.


Cook | Winter Survival | What To Do When The Heat Goes Out
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Use the oven, bake cookies or anything else that will need to be cooked. Use the excess heat from the oven by leaving the door open after using it. Stay as close to the kitchen as you can.


Check out this video for more tips on emergency heating in the event of a power outage!

Surviving when the heat goes out can be difficult, make sure to protect your house, as well as your family from the plummeting temperatures. By taking a few steps beforehand, your home will be better equipped to handle whatever storms come its way. If you know nothing about heating equipment rather than waiting to fix the problem, call a professional as soon as possible to mend the situation. It would always be an advantage to act upon it before it gets out of hand. Penny for your thoughts? Tell us what you think about this tips by dropping your two cents in the comments below.

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