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Is there an assault rifle that can be equipped with a shotgun and a grenade launcher and has the firepower that can take out anything that gets in its way? Well, the answer is a roaring YES! Check out this XM8 Assault Rifle review and be amazed at this extraordinary weaponry.

XM8 Assault Rifle | Survival Gun Review of A Battle Rifle

Gun makers are always making an effort to improve their craft and to come up with better versions. Countless hours of trials and a large amount of money are spent just to have a weapon that will provide the needed power and versatility. And that’s what Heckler & Koch did exactly. They made an exceptional rifle packed with the firepower of an M-16 rifle and an M4 carbine without their imperfections. And this gave birth to the XM8 Assault Rifle. The XM8 is a multi-configurable weapon that has four variants (baseline assault weapon, a special compact, a designated marksman, and a light machine gun) to meet the ever-changing mission requirements. Barrels and modules can be swapped quickly to adapt to the tactical situation. Scroll down to find out more about this out of the ordinary rifle!


The Replacement

The Replacement | XM8 Assault Rifle | Survival Gun Review of A Battle Rifle
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The development of the XM8 lightweight Assault Rifle was initiated by the US army in the early 2000s. This innovative modular rifle system underwent testings and trials in an attempt to replace the aging M16 rifles and M4A1 carbines and become the next official issue weapon. It was designed by Heckler Koch (H&K), a German small arms manufacturer. The design and engineering of the XM8 are somewhat similar to their G36 rifle. Unfortunately, the project was formally canceled in October 2005 even though hopes were high that it would become US Army’s standard infantry rifle. Nevertheless, the Royal Malaysian Navy special forces and other private military companies utilize this exceptional weaponry.



Armament | XM8 Assault Rifle | Survival Gun Review of A Battle Rifle
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The XM8 carbine is a modular weapon system that uses a common receiver. And to that receiver, the operator can add different component parts to model this exemplary weapon for a specific task. Component parts such as retractable buttstock, a lower receiver, the hand guard which can be replaced by a grenade launcher, and the sighting system.


Killer Features

Killer Features | XM8 Assault Rifle | Survival Gun Review of A Battle Rifle
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This battle rifle has killer features such as a short piston stroke, gas operated action with rotating bolt locking. The XM8 barrels are quick detachable and the entire construction is modular and is created around the polymer receiver with bolt group. The polymer shell can be replaced with different colors to match or blend in with the environment. Magazine housings could be efficiently swapped for compatibility with numerous magazine types. The top of the receiver is fitted with a proprietary sight rail that can accommodate any type of sighting equipment.

The XM8 carbine fire controls are ambidextrous and mounted on the trigger unit, integral with pistol grip and trigger guard. This rifle is designed as a modular weapon and different barrels and modules can be interchanged quickly depending on its operational requirements.


Check out this video for more interesting details about the XM8 Assault Rifle and be thunderstruck with this one of a kind arsenal!

With powerful weaponry, one nation can take over other nations and it will result in an imminent conflict. As a nation, we have to protect our land against any oppressor, may it be foreign or domestic. Therefore, we should never let guards down. We need all the necessary things to protect our own therefore having a versatile and powerful weapon is advantageous. Our liberty and rights cannot be trampled upon for this country will not be called “The Land of the Free and The Home of the Brave” for nothing.

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